Meet the Team

Corey Vidal

Corey is the founder and president of ApprenticeA Productions. He directs and produces most of the company's productions, and appears in many of the videos. Joining YouTube in 2006, Corey has been making videos for over 6 years.

Tim Deegan

Tim has been a television host since 2006, hosting both live and taped television for MuchMusic and SportsNet. Tim started extending his career onto YouTube in 2010 with his own channel and now has his own music series. Tim also hosts and appears in projects for ApprenticeA, while also helping with lighting and set construction.

Corrado Coia

Corrado has been making YouTube videos since 2007. He specializes in a little bit of everything. Managing things from filming, to special effects, to graphic design, to websites, to even cooking.

Samantha Fall

In addition to editing the daily vlogs part-time, Samantha manages the metadata for ApprenticeA; a job which includes writing tags, descriptions, and closed-captions. She also handles video promotion through various social media sites.

Saskia Vanell

Saskia is a full-time vlog editor and part-time meta-data expert at ApprenticeA. Having gone to school for theatre, she also specializes in acting, make-up, costume, lighting, and set design.

Mitchell Moffit

Mitchell is the in-house musician and audio-engineer at ApprenticeA. Whether it's writing, recording, and producing music, or processing audio for film, his ears have become his most prized possession. With a degree in biological science and molecular genetics, he has a particular love for science, which he tries to incorporate into his music.

Joel Sullivan

Joel is the writer for ApprenticeA's original animated series, 'The Apprentices'. He is also the video editor and co-producer of ApprenticeFacts.

Rianna Finch

Rianna is the artist and illustrator for ApprenticeA's original animated series, 'The Apprentices'. In addition she illustrates comics about the team's off-screen adventures and is on-hand help for any creative project, from make-up to set design.